Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Texas GOP's racist pin

Take a look at what was being sold at the Texas GOP convention over the weekend.

That the Texas GOP allowed the vendor to sell the button at their convention says a lot about these people's inner racism. Get ready for a lot more of this shit in the coming months, folks.


Anonymous said...

I thought Obama is running to be POTUS. If he can't handle some attacks from a Texan, I hate to see how he reacts on the international scene to much nastier situations.

Stop being girly men as a wise governor once said. Fight fire with fire. Talk about McCain's pill-popper wife for one idea.

BruinKid said...

Obama will handle this just fine. I'm just pointing out the level of fucked up overt racism there is in the GOP today. These aren't the fringes we're talking about.

And the more we bring this to light, the more it embarrasses McCain that his party is so damn racist. Get it to the point where McCain has to actually say, "I am not a racist." It's like what LBJ did with the "pig fucker" attack. Make your opponent deny it out loud.