Friday, July 27, 2007

National Affordable Housing Trust Fund

There is a new piece of legislation being debated that I recently had the chance to watch a hearing of on the Hill: affordable housing. While national programs currently exist that provide housing for those who cannot afford it, many of them are very inefficient and the housing they provide is low quality and in bad areas. Having this new trust fund would provide incentives for private firms to construct mixed-income housing which will elevate the quality of the neighborhoods the poor can live in and also provide them with better housing that they will be proud to live in.

Currently, there are way too many Americans who cannot afford decent housing. This is unacceptable. Affordable, safe, and quality housing, in my opinion and hopefully yours, is a basic right for all of us, right up there with food, liberty, and freedom from discrimination.

Legislation like this has been set up in cities all over America already, but it has yet to take hold on a national level. It has proved its effectiveness in the cities, and is a great new alternative to what we currently have. Especially given the recent problems surrounding subprime loans, the national government needs--now more than ever--to take a renewed, proactive stance on housing.

Sound off: what do you think about this?

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