Thursday, May 03, 2007

Obama/Hillary/Edwards/Richardson Win Republican Debate


Did anyone else just see what I just saw? The last time I remembered that this angry party existed was back at the 2004 Republican convention. They really channeled the spirit of Zell Miller tonight in Simi Valley. Admittedly, this isn't a debate meant for me (a 21 year old Democrat). But still, this is their vision for America?

Overturning Roe v. Wade? - check
War on Iran? - check
Immigrant and gay bashing? - check
Stem cell bad? - check
Bad hair? - check
Stay the course in Iraq? - check
Bin Laden-9/11 fear mongering? - check
Free Scooter? - check
Terrible jokes? - check

What country do these guys live in? I'm from Orange County, and many of the conservatives I know don't have this narrow world view that these 10 balding white men had tonight. Was this a debate or just a contest to see who could say the words "Reagan" the most in an hour and half? This is their vision for the future of America? This is Karl Rove's permanent majority?

I think it's very hard to pick one line or one moment that was worth noting because there was wayyyyyy too many. For debate wrap up, do yourself a favor and only visit Wonkette for in-depth analysis.

Tonight (maybe Monday?) is going to be one of the best Daily Show's in recent memory, and 2008 is going to be the best elections since 2006 for Democrats.


Kristina said...

How did Richardson win the debate? As much as I like his resume, I still think he's far from cracking the top tier of candidates who are competitive. And I think the Democratic debate proved that he still needs a lot of work to compete with Obama/Clinton/Edwards.

Maybe VEEP, but I still wouldn't lump him with the other three just yet.

Anyway, I do with agree with everything else. They all looked like angry politicians who couldn't stay within the time limit. This is not the disciplined party from the 90s.

Kyle said...

They were scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy