Monday, April 02, 2007

So We Are Back From Break

Lets catch up on some of the news stories we missed with a blog news roundup.

Chicago millionaire purchases Tribune company, which in turn means the LA Times has a new owner.

Nutjob Congressman Tom Tancredo announces Presidential bid based on immigration.

Obama has 30,000 more donors than Clinton in the first quarter.

Michael Ware says John McCain is living in Neverland.
McCain campaign feeds a made up story to drudge.
Ware responds.
Related: Details on McCain's security team in Iraq.

Obama campaign reveals "It's Time" clock.

Speaker Nunez is part of the "culture of death" according to Cardinal Mahoney. This has nothing to do with him being on MTV Cribs.

Papa Bear being Papa Bear.

Fox gives "Half Hour News Hour" thirteen more episodes. Hopefully there will be a laugh somewhere in one of them.

November was six months ago. Time for gas prices to go up. This years excuse: Iran.

Biden campaign releases "Head to Head" website.

Kissenger: "A military victory is not possible"

My former Congressman and now Chairman of the SEC Chris Cox, and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch eye Alberto Gonzalez's job.

Corzine endorses Clinton. No word on if he will kick down 60 million.

White House goes after Matthew Dowd.

NY Post not very selective on their Hillary photos.

Be friends with Arnold, and get a job.


Pooya said...

Aria, you forgot something. Obama had more donors, but Clinton raised more money.

Kyle said...

That Clinton pic is hilarious!