Thursday, March 01, 2007, the American public, and the definition of News

It seems that every time I go on or turn on the TV, there is some random and irrelevant story all over the place. Just the other day, I went to and the top story was something about Anna Nicole Smith, with a world political event down near the bottom of the page, after scrolling down two times. I turned on the news yesterday and had to follow a 45 mile an hour car ‘chase’ before hearing thirty seconds about the upcoming elections.

What has happened to News as a medium? I get that the average person may not want to hear about important national and world events such as genocides in Africa everyday, but when did the news companies completely give up on at least trying to give us decent information at least fifty percent of the time?

I think that news should hold itself to some sort of standards; standards dictating that they should try to give the public information that really matters, not stuff that merely exists to garner ratings.


Harrison said...

No joke, this was pretty much the main lecture topic today in Pol. Sci.

Totally agree Taylor, well put.

Kyle said...

But Taylor, REAL news will get in the way of Anna Nicole Smith and the ultimate question:


aria ghafari said...

the media is a relection of the public.. if we didnt wanna watch it and it didnt get ratings they wouldnt put it on.

taylor i know youve been following this britney breakdown story for weeks now anyways