Thursday, July 27, 2006

Six for 'O6

The Democratic leadership announced their game plan today, a document called "A New Direction for America." (CNN article here) I fear that it might be too late for the midterm elections but who knows, a lot of people don't start caring until right before November. Anywhere, here are the legislative priorities chosen:

# National security

# Jobs and wages

# Energy independence

# Affordable health care

# Retirement security

# College access for all

On the one hand, I seem to agree that these are all important topics (and I'm actually glad higher education got a mention since it's usually neglected). But I wonder if they're too vague to excite and motivate people. We have a lot of work cut out for us if we're going to get back the House this November.


Nikhil said...

heh yeah "jobs and wages" is definitely way too ambiguous to actually communicate anything at all. i'm super happy college is on the list, but i don't know how many people actually care about that. i had been under the impression that "culture of corruption" was going to be the centerpeice of democrats' arguments in the election..?

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

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