Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So what was everyone's thoughts on the State of Union? I must say, I was amused by the Democrats' thunderous cheers and applause in response to Bush's "Last year, Congress did not act on my social security plan."



Kristina said...

I didn't watch the State of the Union but I read it. I thought it was very conservative in an attempt to build back that base that might have been damaged in this turbulent year. I guess the Republicans feel that they have enough time inbetween to capture those moderate voters.

Conversely, I thought the Democrats were trying to reach out to the middle with Kaine's speech. He's of course a newly elected Governor from Virginia, citing his work as a missionary. I thought that was interesting.

We'll see who's strategy works better.

illustrator said...

Only one day after he promised to focus on education and social welfare in his State of the Union, Bush has already broken the promise. Eager to sign a bill that would cut funding for education and Medicaid in order to "restore discipline on spending" is ridiculous. Maybe Bush should have thought about responsible spending before turning a huge Clinton surplus into a multi-trillion dollar debt. It is a great shame that the Republican idea of fiscal responsibility comes at the expense of education and social welfare.