Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hillary Clinton: One Classy Lady

Below you'll find a video Hillary Clinton's concession speech. Essentially universally lauded by pundits as being 'extraordinary,' Senator Hillary Clinton unequivocally endorses Senator Barack Obama, thanks her supporters, and makes some immensely insightful remarks regarding gender and politics.

This speech made me feel 100 times better about Hillary's loss and Obama's win. Now a lot of you in Bruin Democrats and around this blog know that I have never been a fan of Barack Obama. However, for any Obama partisans who think that Hillary Clinton is working to have her supporters defect and vote for John McCain, or hoping that Senator Obama fails so that she can run again in 2012, I suggest you look at the speech and use me as an example of its impact. Hillary's speech compelled me to strongly support Barack Obama not because of any lofty ideals of 'hope' and 'change,' or the not-so-lofty ideal of generational warfare (too soon?), but because the election of Barack Obama is paramount to the implementation of Democratic ideals. This speech will serve as a catalyst for for the 18 million Americans who voted for Senator Clinton, and she should be applauded for its eloquence.

To the Obama supporters: congratulations on your win. But remember, the party was split right down the middle 52-48. Now is the time for unity, humility, and magnanimity.

Let's work to get a Democratic president elected in 2008! Happy Studying!

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