Saturday, May 31, 2008

Isolated Tribe Spotted in Brazil

One of South America's few remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes has been spotted and photographed on the border between Brazil and Peru.

The Brazilian government says it took the images to prove the tribe exists and help protect its land. The pictures, taken from an aeroplane, show red-painted tribe members brandishing bows and arrows. More than half the world's 100 uncontacted tribes live in Brazil or Peru, Survival International says.

These images are all from a later pass by the plane. The men, painted red, brandished weapons and fired off some arrows at the aircraft. The person in black may be a woman

The first flight had an obvious impact on the tribe. By the time the plane returned, most of the women and children had fled and those who remained had painted their bodies.
The woman painted black looks really intimidating.

I find this absolutely fascinating. Think of the mindset and knowledge of these individuals and culture. In the information age and ever-increasing globalization, these individuals have remained completely untarnished. I mean - psychologically it's just amazing. Think of the divide between their culture and ours. They probably aren't aware of written language. They're surely not aware that Man has landed on the Moon, has conquered the atom, or has figured out ways to irrevocably effect the environment. The list goes on and on. These individuals are completely untouched by the global culture.

If there weren't a Prime Directive in place (along the lines of Star Trek, no less), I would be itching to have some interaction with them - or at least being able to observe them. Hell, I don't really have an interest in anthropology...but this is just utterly spellbinding. The culture, sociology and psychology must truly be intriguing.


Curtis said...

[My trademark nerd noise] as I motion to push my invisible glasses up.

Kyle said...

OMG!!!! lol How is this nerdy?!?!?!??!?!

Anonymous said...

I thought those pictures were Hillary supporters from West Virginia at first. Nevermind, these people [in the picture] are probably more sophisticated.

Kyle said...


Except not

Navid said...

Eu sei um pouco de portugues mas nao posso falar com o tribo

Jessica said...

If they're isolated from everyone else, they don't speak Portuguese, Navid.

Navid said...

Thank you for your insightful insight jessica! actually, what it says is " i know a little bit of portuguese but i can't speak with the tribe." kthx