Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Tears that Turned 1,000 Heads

Barack Obama's campaign co-chair takes on Teargate with a tone and a position (Hillary didn't cry about Katrina, she didn't cry about Iraq, she only cries about her appearance) that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with for a number of reasons. But what does everyone else think? I promise I won't cry about it...too much...if you disagree.

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Kristina said...

Wow, I just lost a lot of respect for Jesse Jackson Jr.

That's completely ridiculous to think that you do not care (or care as much about issues) that you do not cry about. Moreover, the question and Clinton's answer that led to this whole situation did not have to do with appearances. That is a very cheap shot trying to suggest that Hillary just cares about what she looks like (and plays into people's prejudices about women).

For the many of us who have gone through an election (either as a candidate or volunteer), I think we have all broken down or come close. That's from exhaustion and the daily beatings- not necessarily because we care about ourselves more than the issues.