Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Non-Candidate Iowa Post

So as is known widely around these parts, I am most assuredly and unequivocally not a supporter of Barack Obama.

That being said though, I do want to give props to his campaign for their feat in Iowa. It's definitely very impressive - and also mad props should go out to all the Bruin Democrats who went to Iowa to campaign for Obama (and a few for a couple of other candidates).

Regardless of the result, and regardless of whether Hillary or Edwards are ultimately dubbed the 'comeback kids,' or whether Obama continues his Iowa success in New Hampshire and beyond, all of us can agree on a few things:

1. Our ideas are flourishing, and our party is energized

2. The Republicans are bankrupt - both fiscally and ideologically.

3. Any of our candidates would be light years better than our dear friend and Iowa GOP Caucus winner, Motherfuckabee:


Wordsmith said...


I'm telling you, I have more ways to use 'fuck' than anything else I've learned on the Internets.

David Sirota was the speaker at our annual JFK dinner.
#1 of 4.

Harrison said...



BruinKid said...

I think we can just go with Fuckabee.

Anonymous said...

I am a liberal democrat and would pick Huckabee over Clinton.

Kyle said...

Care to enlighten us as to why?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those Obama fans like Anonymous who use extreme statements like that to slander Hillary. Congrats in Iowa but, seriously, we all know Hillary is going to win.

Brandon Harrison said...

I feel this blog post is missing tags referring to Huckabee's girth and occupation.

Kyle said...

My apologies - tags added! Also, I love the Obama and Hillary folks fighting it out on the blog.

How addled.

We all know Ron Paul is going to win and reinstate the constitution.

Brandon Harrison said...

Thanks Kyle. I can rest easy now.

Curtis said...

Here, here.