Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Politics of Christmas

Seasons Greetings Readers! Below you'll find an inside-look into the campaigns' various attempts to:

A. Win votes,
B. Influence campaign narratives, and of course,
C. Wish people a Merry Christmas

First on the docket is Barack Obama's ad, entitled 'Friendship,' which I find fairly boring, particularly Obama's stilted delivery. I'm sure no one is surprised I thought that, since I'm not a fan. However in my eyes the ad itself is redeemed by the adorable factor of his daughters - so a win for Obama.

Next up is Hillary Clinton, who takes a very amusing and lighthearted approach in her ad "presents." I like this ad, think it's amusing and funny, and am distracted by the shining wrapping paper and pretty music. This shows the Clinton's campaign's attempts to make Hillary more likable and presentable, and it accomplishes this well.

Edwards takes a much more serious approach, perhaps reminding folks that in the season of Christmas we should try to act more Christ-like by caring for the least among us. I like this ad (but not as much as Hillary's). And for obvious reasons, this is just oozing populism.

Next up is Rudy blathering on about what he wishes for for Christmas in 'Same Gift.' Donning a sweater that deserves to be taken out back and shot, he goes through laundry list of what he wants to do to with America. It ends with him talking about giving Americans a fruitcake (is he h8ing on the gays, hmmmmm?). This ad is boring, mundane, and stupid.

And lastly, the one that started it all, 'What Really Matters' from Mike Huckabee. He's been catching some flak lately for the apparent subliminal roving cross in the bookshelf behind him. The ad is loaded down with religious rhetoric and allusions to Jesus. His charm though and apparent sincerity help pull it off.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Hillary's whole likability campaign seems pretty forced... but I still love her. =D