Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Grief Obama

The New York Observer writes a scathing article noting Obama's stagnant campaign, jittery donors, and overly-cautious campaign.

In recent weeks, Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod has met with major contributors at the campaign’s Chicago headquarters and in private homes to allay concerns about his candidate’s lack of movement in the national polls. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe has presided over conference calls to calm down jittery bundlers. The candidate himself has even gotten on the phone with groups of big donors to assure them that the campaign is on the right track.

“They were spending time trying to make all of us confident that there is a strategy,” said one major donor to Mr. Obama, who attended a meeting of the campaign’s finance team at the Chicago headquarters about a month ago. “And I remember David [Axelrod] saying that he thought Barack was positioned well. And all of a sudden it’s turning into October, and I’m not sure I see a strategy. And if it is being implemented—I’m not sure I see it being implemented so effectively.

Let the flaming begin!


gabe said...

oh yeah, cause some "anonymous donor" knows so fucking much about how to run a campaign. axelrod is an undisputed genius. its an uphill battle, for sure, but they are running a great campaign. and im pretty sure votes decide the primary, not polls. otherwise we'd have president howard dean.

Kyle said...


Curtis said...

Kyle, I'm not going to bite. You're just trying to draw us into making a flurry of counter-posts. It's going to take something more substantive and worrisome.

Until then, live long and prosper. The truth is out there.