Monday, October 29, 2007

"The Audacity of Homophobia"

Kos goes on a tirade - hits Obama hard over campaign hypocrisy and ineptitude.

Some notable excerpts:

Obama's condescending attitude that anyone who attacks him on this is "hermetically sealed from the faith community". Is he really saying that 1) fighting for a tolerant "faith community" is impossible because 2) it is vehemently, inherently, and un-redeemably homophobic? I know for a fact the latter point is not true, so this truly looks like a big STFU for a politician who suddenly doesn't like the second-guessing of his actions.

This is truly an epic flameout by the Obama campaign, engaged in actions that are completely indefensible. Those of you who continue to try and rationalize it -- would you be making the same exculpatory arguments if it was George W. Bush doing the things Obama is doing right now? Or one of the rival campaigns? Somehow, I doubt the vast majority of you would.

Obama and his campaign have had a bad week. The worst I have seen from any candidate this presidential cycle. A candidate whose entire rationale for running was to elevate the discourse, unite our country, and end the politics of division has just been exposed as cynical and clueless, embracing some of the worst hatred and divisiveness in our society today.

And at a time when he's trying to make an issue of Hillary's "judgment" on Iraq and now Iran, he's shown little judgment in pretending that a rabidly anti-gay gospel singer wouldn't use his microphone on the big stage (with the national media paying attention) to, well, spread his rabidly anti-gay gospel.

This will be my last post on this topic....I promise...

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Kristina said...

Ok, there's 20 minutes left in the debate so this might be premature, but isn't it odd how they haven't brought this issue up with Obama?