Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quote of the Night

"Odds are that I will."

--Al Gore, quoted by 02138 Magazine, on whether he will endorse a candidate in the Democratic presidential primary, though he had yet to decide whom he would back.

Ok folks, have at it! Will Gore endorse his previous boss' wife, Senator Clinton, out of loyalty? Will he turn to the sunny optimism of Barack Obama? Or the ardent liberalism of John Edwards? Perhaps the cuddly teddy-bear Bill Richardson? Make your predictions here!


aria ghafari said...

i think edwards gets it. i don't see why he would choose obama over the others, and for some reason i don't think he is a big clinton fan.

but hey i've been wrong before, and not like his endorsement mattered in 04

Curtis said...

I think he'll go with Obama precisely because of the 2004 Dean endorsement. I suspect that he probably sees that endorsement as a mistake in hindsight. With that in mind, there are clear parallels between Dean 2004 and Edwards 2008. Like "People-Powered-Howard," Edwards bills himself as an angry populist. This quality draws love from the netroots, but it also draws hate from the media elite. Dean had the same problem in 2004. It's a recipe for disaster. If Gore has half a brain, and I think he does, he won't make the same mistake twice. That is, he won't endorse a candidate who has no chance of being president.

BruinKid said...

He'll endorse the candidate with the strongest environmental policy.