Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Juicy Tidbits from 'Dead Certain'

Just picked up my copy of Dead Certain by Robert Draper from Border's. If you're on the west side, the Borders on Westwood Blvd won't have it in stock for another week - so go to the Century City mall Border's. In any event, I'm halfway through the first chapter and it's quite good. Here are some of the juiciest tidbits taken from Politico.

Page 102: Explaining how Bush is not afraid to put Rove in his place, Draper recalle an incident from a meeting in Austin in 1999. Rove was strutting his stuff and Bush put a quick end to it. “’Karl,' said the governor. 'Hang up my jacket.’'"The room fell silent and Rove put the coat on the rack.

Page 256: After his poor first debate performance against John Kerry in the fall of 2004, Hughes and Dan Bartlett told Bush plainly just how bad he had done – by forcing him to watch his own performance that night. “And so Bush at in his Air Force One suite and watched himself on television acting pissed off – and got pissed off at Bartlett for making him watch himself.”

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Curtis said...

HAHAHA! He got pissed off because his aides made him watch himself. That image makes me laugh.