Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Look at Campaign Ads

Fred Thompson has his first ad out today that will play during the GOP debate (which he is not attending).

Here's the ad:

I think the best word to describe Thompson's ad would be "shit." The music's too soft, there's no build, no climax, there's no variation. There's no humor to break the ice, nor inspirational graphics. All it is is Fred Thompson standing in an office speaking in a voice that sounds like it's trying to get 1 minute's worth of words into 30 seconds worth of time. It LOOKS like he spent 5 minutes on the development of the ad...which would be in line with his ubiquitous laziness. Interesting observation: the ad ends with a voiceover of 'Fred Thompson: Republican for President.' Is it really wise to be embracing the GOP party label at a time when it's tainted to the point of bathroom sex?

Compare this crappy ad to Hillary's amazing first ad:

Or Edwards' amusing and provocative "Hair:"

Or even Richardson's notoriously humorous ads:

Long story short: Fred Thompson's ad majorly sucks...Kind of like his whole campaign.

1 comment:

gabe said...

haha, that looks like the ad of someone running for city council- the whole graphic design/font is soo cheesy. i would bet every dollar to my name (which won't be much after i buy the ipod touch) that he doesn't win the nomination. seriously, mccain has a better chance.