Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just a TAD Ironic

Never one to let a healthy dose of irony go unappreciated, I had to share this gem I pulled from the front page of Bill Richardson's website.

It appears that Bill Richardson (yes, the teddy-bear-like Bill Richardson) is on the crusade against America's obesity problem. Not only that, but RIGHT NEXT TO his exhortation to slim down is a youtube video highlighting his speech at Tom Harkin's steak fry. Yes, the same traditional steak fry that feeds hungry Iowans gobs of red meat and buttery bacon-laden potatoes.

Perhaps I'm just easily amused?


Curtis said...

I think this post is incredibly insensitive, Kyle. You should be ashamed of yourself.

What do you have against Tom Harkin's Steakfry anyway? Is it not enough that his wife endorsed HRC?

What's wrong with red meat and bacon? Are you not American?

Kyle said...


Iris Claire Ha said...

i don't know about obesity really being a problem in america. personally, i enjoy being the same size as a slightly overweight makes polo and lacoste sweaters a lot more affordable!