Saturday, September 15, 2007

He's Back................................

Just when you thought the GOP Clusterfuck to the nomination couldn't get any crazier, Alan Keyes (yes, ALAN KEYES), has decided to throw his hat into the ring.

Keyes told syndicated radio host Janet Parshall he's "unmoved" by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the "key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people."

He added, "The one thing I've always been called to do is to raise the standard ... of our allegiance to God and His authority that has been the foundation stone of our nation's life" – and he decried the lack of "forthright, clear, and clarion declaration" from the current crop of presidential contenders.

Get the popcorn, this is gonna get good.


Kristina said...

omg, I could not stop laughing at the beginning of this post. I bet he also jumped onboard since he has an axe to grind with Obama.

With Keyes and Thompson's latest entries, I might just have to watch the next GOP debate for comedic value.

Curtis said...

Obama v. Keyes--Round II!

Ding. Ding.