Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Breaking News: Warner (Mark) to Run for VA Senate

This just in: Mark Warner, the toothy non-threateningly attractive former Virginia Governor, is set to announce his bid to replace Senator John Warner tomorrow.

Warner left office with a shocking 80% approval rating, and should easily coast to victory in Virginia barring any unforeseen circumstances.

His potential opponents include former VA Governor Jim Gilmore, the presidential candidate who know one had heard of, and some other n00b I'm too lazy to look up who doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Polls of the race have Warner crushing both candidates by more than twenty points.


gabe said...

haha, tom davis (or congressman tom davis) is his name. he's a legit opponent, esp cause hes more moderate than the crazy wing of the VA GOP.

i thought kos had a good reminder today- in 2005 george allen looked pretty damn unbeatable too. im tempted to say this one's in the bag, but lets remember not to get ahead of ourselves.

Kyle said...

Dude, I'll say it even if Kos won't: This one's in the bag.

BruinKid said...

Well, there go my Senate rankings out the window. :-) I'll have to re-adjust for Mark Warner's entrance.

Hmm... I'd say this will move the Virginia race all the way to #2. Even above Colorado, in part due to the Virginia blogosphere, highlighted by Raising Kaine, which has done an excellent job so far. Combine an organized Virginia netroots with all the other factors, and this race jumps even Colorado.

And now... news comes that Pat Buchanan may enter the race too!! ROFL!!! OK, so here are my new Tier I rankings:

1. New Hampshire
2. Virginia
3. Colorado
4. Minnesota
5. Oregon
6. Louisiana
7. Maine
8. South Dakota

BruinKid said...

Per CNN's Political Ticker, the GOP has already set up an anti-Warner website that accuses him of being... a liberal. Ooooooooh. Scary liberals!