Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Craigslist Senator Craig On the Defensive

I must say, I laughed so hard at this video root beer almost came out my nose. The 'Thank you for coming out today,' was priceless. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant as a joke. Unfortunately, Senator Craig has made this not about the fact that he tried to blow an undercover cop in a bathroom (in all fairness to Craig, the cop WAS cute), but he has focused on the contention that he is NOT, nor has ever been, gay. For the 834th time, that is NOT the issue!

Once again, a political scandal involving something REMOTELY gay ends up being about homosexuality as an identity, and not the fact he TRIED TO HAVE SEX IN A PUBLIC PLACE. This is just another closetcase GOPer trying to save his ass by attacking the big bad ghey.


Taylor Kayatta said...

"That over-reaction was a mistake. ... I am not gay," he declared at a news conference in Idaho, saying he would continue to serve but putting off a decision on running for re-election in 2008 until next month.

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Curtis said...

Word. The issue is not homosexuality, but rather the fact that Craig was having sex in a public place.