Monday, August 27, 2007

Closeted Skanky Gay Republicans Against Progress

This is my rant. It stems from Taylor's post below. Not from anything Taylor said (I agree with it all). But all these closeted Republicans. From pedophile Mark Foley to Haggard the Christian to the Florida n00b who was a state rep, and now to Senator Craig of Idaho (Shall I be the first to say that 'I' not da ho. HE is the HO...I couldn't resist)

In any event, this is really, REALLY starting to piss me off. These fuckers are parading around denigrating gay people, and then go out and secretly do skanky gay shit! Stuff that a vast, vast, VAST majority of gay people don't do! AND, to make matters worse, they wouldn't feel forced to do this skanky shit if it weren't for them contributing to severe homophobia that leads closeted gay men to do such things. It's a vicious freakin' circle! If everyone in America who was LGBT suddenly came out of the closet, and our bigoted straight friends and neighbors decided not to be bigoted anymore, gloryholes and foot-tapping in bathrooms would cease to exist.

Now, ANOTHER politician labeled as 'gay' is going to have to resign. First McGreevey, then Foley, then Haggard, then the Florida dude who hasn't resigned yet, and now a United States Senator. And EVERY single time this happens, the story isn't about how they committed a crime, they have to resign because they're GAY (and they won't let their GOP constituents try to cope with that...just look at David Dreier or however the hell you spell his closeted name).

And here's the kicker: when these folks resign because they're gay, what does that say to the millions of gay teenagers struggling to come to terms with their sexuality??? That being gay is about gloryholes, misery, and resignation. Just think about it - how many male gay role models are there? Folks who are A-list celebrities? Ian McClellan? He played Gandalf and Magneto...but he's too sophisticated to be considered A-list. Only the Hollywood elite and wizard lovers love him!

And so once AGAIN gay male teens are left with another anti-role model. ONCE AGAIN a gay GOP politician proves himself to not be a role model to gay teens, but to propagate the belief that we're all horned-up sex fiends (and to be fair, Gerry Studds, a liberal Democrat and the FIRST openly gay congressman, made gay people look bad too when he banged a seventeen year old intern).

I pray for the day when we can get a gay male politician who can be out and proud of who he is, and do it without being skanky and illegal. Do I have to wait until I turn twenty-five to do this for myself?! Good God almighty, people! This is America!! Out of the gloryhole-ridden airport bathrooms and into the freakin' streets!!!

[/gay rant]


BruinKid said...

Barney Frank (D-MA)?

Kyle said...

I admire him, and he's largely a great role model. Except for the time he lived with a gay hooker and was reprimanded by the House.

Don't get me wrong, on the whole I think Barney Frank is a great role model and a great Democrat. And you know, I probably believe his story that he didn't know about the 'escort service' being run out of his house. It's just that once that stain is there, it's hard to remove - unfortunate as it is.

Taylor Kayatta said...

I have met and watched Barney Frank in action a few times, and he is a great guy. He is powerful, respectful, and brings true prestige and dignity to his occupation, gay or not. He has been singled out a few times for being one of the only openly gay politicans on the Hill, yet he perseverses and does not seem to let it get to him. We need more people like him, even if they have had one or two "questionable" events in their past (and who hasn't?).

BruinKid said...

FWIW, there's Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), but yeah, she's female, so she still doesn't fall under Kyle's description of a gay male politician.