Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barack Obama Promises to Call...The President of Canada???

In a reprieve from Curtis' fellator-like postings of late regarding Senator Barack Obama (and the bashing of Senator Hillary Clinton), I thought I'd bring this little-noticed gem to everyone's front burner.

While Obama's 'let's nuke everyone or not' gaffe combined with his 'let's invade Pakistan' comment caught everyone's attention, the comment he made yesterday at the AFL-CIO debate hasn't...well, at least not the attention of good ol' God-fearing AMERICANS.

Our Dudley-Do-Right friends north of the border have taken umbrage at the statements made by Barack Obama at the latest debate, most notably this one in response to a 'What would you do on your first day in office?' question:

"I would immediately call the president of Mexico, the president of Canada, to try to amend NAFTA, because I think that we can get labour agreements in that agreement right now"

Well, apparently, a little Canadian birdy/Joe Biden whispered in my ear that...well...err....Canada doesn't uhhh.... HAVE a president. Yes, that's freshman Senator Barack Obama, promising to conference call with his imaginary Canadian friend. I'd rather have someone who is fighting for what he/she believes in (and is willing throw a few punches and not be all lovey-dovey wussy) who is ALSO worldly, in the White House, than a lightweight with little or no foreign policy experience or knowledge.

The Canadians are threatening an invasion of Moose if Obama is elected...

I suppose Curtis would tell our Moose friends to, what was it? Eat it with a fork? ^_-

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Taylor said...

It was a slip of the tongue, I'm sure. He may be a freshman, but he's not stupid. Plus, compared to the Bushisms, at least he realized Canada was a country...