Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Blog! from San Diego

Coming to you live from the floor of the 2007 Democratic State Convention, this is Kyle Kleckner, reporting for Bruin Democrats. At this very moment, I am listening to Congresswoman Barbara Lee give a speech highlighting the what the Democratic majorities in Congress have done.

Dennis Kucinich has now taken the stage. And the Leprechaun is passionately outlining his oppostion to rational foregin policy. One of our members says, "I don't mind what Dennis Kucinich is saying. I just don't want him running it."

In any event, Bruin Democrats in here en force with 36 people. This morning, everyone saw Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi speak. The night before, everyone enjoyed Dennis Kucinich's "Folk Festival and Hootenanny." Yes, that is what it was called.

Tonight, we plan on participating in he election of two of our own members to the board of the California College Democrats. After that, PARTY!

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