Tuesday, August 08, 2006

IT'S OFFICIAL: Ned Lamont Wins In Connecticut

In my opinion, this is a huge event, and a clear example of democracy in action. Joe Lieberman did not represent the views of Connecticut Democrats, and tonight's results prove it.

This isn't over, however. Joe Lieberman, in a stunning 'fuck you' to America's system of democracy, has vowed to run as an independent in the General Election, despite his loss. The race for the Senate in CT is bound to be an interesting one - with Lamont winning the Democratic Primary, most of the Democratic establishment is now obligated to support him. However, there's a big difference between support in words and support in actions. Because of this, there's going to be intense pressure for Lieberman to drop out of the race. As Joe has been fairly douchey for such a long time (Supporting the GOP in their invasive actions regarding Terri Schiavo, and telling Dems to STFU about the Iraq War come to mind), it wouldn't suprise me if he stayed in the race despite the intense pressure.

There is something everyone can do, however, if we wish to see our system of Primary elections and representative democracy respected:

Call or email the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and tell them to vigorously support Ned Lamont, the Democratic Nominee...

Phone (202) 224-2447

Email Harry Reid, the Democratic Leader in the Senate, and tell him to support the Democrat in this race...

Email Form Here

Contact California Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and tell them to campaign vigorously for Ned Lamont...

Senator Boxer:

Phone: {213) 894-5000
Email Form

Senator Feinstein:

Phone: (202) 224-3841
Email Form

By doing these simple things in the coming days, we will be able to help Ned Lamont in his campaign. This November is definitely going to be very exciting.


Kristina said...

One interesting thing I just learned within the hour though is that Joe does till have a good shot. Though these are a little old, they are from within this past month:

Poll: If the Election were held today, who would you vote for?
27% lamont, 9% schlesinger, 51% lieberman

All the pundits are saying the Lieberman will win and caucus with the Dems. Regardless, I feel like more time and money should be spent on other key races.

So I'm really torn. At first I was really gung-ho about him dropping out, but I'd rather the seat go to a Dem or Indy than a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, you're awesome for posting this. I'm a little peeved at Lieberman for falling back on the old Republican attack strategy of calling the Democratic candidate incapable of dealing with national security. He said that Lamont "doesn't understand the terror threat" posed by Iraq, apparently.

Sorry Joe, that bumped you down a few points in my book. Way to cater to the republicans.


Nikhil said...

It doesn't really matter though because Lieberman is still going to win beause he has JOEMENTUM!!!!! yaaaay mwahhahaha

Anonymous said...

You wrote:

"...if we wish to see our system of Primary elections and representative democracy respected:..."

I'm going to have to ask you to please explain that statement. I can see how this might change primary elections a bit, forcing candidates to look beyond just a party nomination, but representative democracy? Really?

Hey, Joe might have angered us all a bit, but he was a good guy and a strong ally for all Democrats. While it's too bad the country had to go through the past years, it has presented us with an opportunity that we seem to be squandering by fighting amongst ourselves.

But does the fact that Joe's running as an independent really harm our representative democracy? Or are we just using political rhetoric to further demonize a good man?