Monday, June 12, 2006

Hillary Clinton Comes in Second in Iowa Caucus Poll

Hillary Clinton has come in second with 26% in a poll of Iowa Democrats' preferences for '08 Democratic Presidential nominees. Edwards came in first with 30%. I truly find this interesting. I mean, it isn't particularly surprising that John Edwards has polled relatively high in Iowa (He's practically moved there since the 2004 election). He's been smoozing with the caucus-goers for some time now.

What this shows, I think, is that Hillary Clinton is most assuredly NOT a shoe-in for the nomination. Some of you will be sad about that (I'm not), but the next couple years should definitely prove interesting.

The complete article by the Des Moines Register is under this link.

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Kristina said...

As I wrote in Kyle's LJ, I'd be interested to see the polling numbers of the caucus in prior years to see how indicative they are of who wins the Iowa Caucus and the party nomination in general.

I honestly don't think it means much. People are voting based on name recognition and most people who win come out of nowhere. John Kerry's a bad example because he lost but if you watched "The War Room" no one knew that governor for Arkansas 2 years before the election.