Monday, May 15, 2006

The Decider, eh?

A couple days ago, Karl Rove came out and told us that "President Bush's poll numbers are down because of the Iraq war", and that people "like the president."

I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Mr. Rove...but President Bush's poll numbers are not low because of a single issue...that's like saying Tom Cruise is crazy for one specific thing that he did. No, the President's poll number's are a result of...

-Hurricane Katrina and the complete and unequivocal national disgrace that followed...
-Getting pwned on Social Security...
-Getting pwned on the Dubai Ports Deal
-Having outrageously high gas prices, and only responding by saying you "don't have a magic wand" to deal with the problem. The American people expected a President, not a wizard.
-Going against American law by wiretapping phone calls without court warrants
-Data mining the phone records of 200 million Americans
-Dealing nothing but empty rhetoric to confront the illegal immigration crisis facing this country
-Allowing poverty to increase
-Doing ABSOLUTELY nothing about healthcare
-SCREWING students
-Talking like a n00b
-And yes, Karl Rove, the war in Iraq. For months years this presidency has attempted to present the Iraq war as being in its 'last throes,' as making progress. I may believe them, if it weren't for the utter incompetence this administration has shown on all levels of governance on a variety of issues, including this one.

No, It's fairly simple: Iraq is the manmade Hurricane Katrina of the middle east. Nothing more, Mr. Rove, nothing less.


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I'm a college student from Los Angeles and just thought I'd post on this blog about some ads I'd been seeing recently. I'm disgusted with John Garamendi's attack ads against Jackie Speier. I am so impressed with Jackie's positive ads; they really emphasize her character and accomplishments. She is a strong enough candidate to promote herself in an entirely positive manner.

Don't we want to elect people in California who can run on their own merits? I was already voting for Jackie because of her record on standing up for women, protecting financial privacy, and her goals of using the LG position to truly serve California public universities. But Garamendi's attacks would have pushed me over the edge, even if I hadn't already made up my mind.