Monday, February 27, 2006

Financial Abandonment of Palestine

To explain the issue, here is a quote and direct link to a BBC article:

"Aid has already begun to drop off after last month's Hamas victory in the polls, with Hamas still regarded as a terrorist group by Israel, the US and the EU.
At the weekend, the authority agreed to return $50m (£28.7.m) of US aid following a request from Washington, which said it did not want the money going to a government that refused torecognizee Israel. And now, to make matters worse, the Israeli government has frozen the transfer of millions of dollars in funds to the authority - a move which the UN has called unhelpful and premature."

I see this as wrong. Preaching such strong ideals of Democracy in Iraq, it is hypocritical of the United States to withhold aid to a democratically elected Hamas, regardless of their past actions. More than hurting the government, the financial collapse of Palestine will ruin the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians who have no connections to Hamas. Many of these people are simply trying to subsist and have no concern for political issues. This is a horrible example of the United States and Israel putting political motives ahead of the welfare of human beings.


Joline said...

And i completely disagree. The citizens of Palestine are not completely innocent in this matter. They themselves voted for a governement which is in essence a terrorist regime. If there is any hope at all of Israeli- Palestinian peace, the government of Palestine MUST recognize that the state of Israel exists. And it is only in the hope of peace that the Palestinian people will ever truly be able to avoid financial collapse and improve their own welfare. At least that is my opinion.

illustrator said...

Dear Joline,

"Final results show that Hamas won the election, with 74 seats to the ruling-Fatah's 45, providing Hamas with the majority of seats and the ability to form a majority government on their own. 'Hamas won 44 percent of the popular vote but 56 percent of the seats, while Fatah won 42 percent of the popular vote but only 34 percent of the seats' according to the New York Times [1]. Analysis of election results indicates that both factions won seats in proportion to their shares of the vote for the 66 list seats. Hamas is overrepresented in the 66 district seats because it nominated more strategically than Fatah and did not have to compete with third parties and independents for the same voters' support.[2]"

44% of the nation voted for Hamas. Even if a majority had voted for Hamas, how can you justify punishing someone for voicing their democratic opinion. that's essentially curbing the freedom of speech and the freedom to vote. Hamas must be given the chance to prove itself as a official governmental and political entity before punishments are dealt. It is short sighted to think that sending Palestine into financial ruin will help the Palestine-Israel conflict or encourage Palestine to recognize Israel as a nation.