Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Link - Radio Interview

Word to the wise: Don't have controversial opinions if you can't back them up. You might just end up like this guy...

This is a text transcript of a radio interview of:
Hughs (Radio spokesman, for I believe a fairly conservative radio station) vs.
Joel Stein (A columnist for the LA times who recently wrote the peice 'I don't support the troops, ever.)


Admittedly, there are some unfair tactics being played here by Hughs to illegitimize Stein' position by twisting his words over and over again on itself, but the core of the argument against him is still roughly the same, and I think it's fair to say that people of all spectrums tend to ignore it:

Don't have strong opinions about stuff you don't know about. You will get torn to shreds in cross-examination. :/

In this polarized politicized society, it seems that the majority of people only care about WHAT you believe, forgetting that WHY you believe is what fuels your cause. What you know, what you've read, and how much thought you've put into your views are equally important in the realm of debate and opinions as much as the opinion or stance itself.

Food for thought.

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derek. said...

for political junkies or the occasional educated voter, completely agree. however, in today's society, motives and evidence have very little to do with the potency of a message. all that matters is the 15 second video clip that hits the local news station... maybe one day blogs can become popular enough to keep irresponsible political messages in check by posting the actual truth.